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Containment, storage, separation and transportation of solid and liquid waste products

This is yet another application which Pinnacle tanks could be utilized in. To make it possible to properly and easily dispose of different waste products, the ‘weir-walled’ tank separates liquids from solids as they are pumped into the tank.

The weir tank comes in many forms which are designed to fit specifications for controlling the respective elements. Standard features of these types of tanks include ‘closed’ flip-lid system to short-walled open-top designs. Further examples of these include:


  • Hauling liquid, semi-dry waste water residuals
  • Storage for lagoon dredging
  • Land application through subsurface injection or spreading
  • Landfill runoff (leachate) filtering and storage
  • Grease collection
  • Grease trap waste disposal
  • Slurry containment, storage and processing
  • Lagoon and digester cleanouts

Pinnacle equipment used in waste management applications includes:


  • 130 / 140 / 180 / 200 BBL vacuum trailers