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The most standard form of application for Pinnacle’s liquid storage tanks

Tanks used in this field are typically referred to as ‘frac’ tanks, the 500 barrel Frac Master being the industry benchmark. ‘Frac’ is an abbreviation for fractionation, a term that refers to an actions which occur when bringing a new well online or reworking an existing well to stimulate existing production.

When an oil or gas reservoir is fractured it is injected with frac sand and brine water which are stored in frac tank. This allows oil or gas to flow into the well bore.

Pinnacle tanks can also be used to store crude, potable water, waste water, fuels, and chemicals needed on such sites. In order to provide larger volumes tanks can be connected to each other with 8” hoses for different jobs.

Pinnacle equipment commonly used in oilfield application:

  • 410 BBL Double Wall
  • 500 BBL Flat Top (including flow-back, weir or gas-buster tanks)
  • 510 BBL Side Step
  • 510 BBL Single Step

Pinnacle also has the ability to build specialized “frac” tanks needed for different applications. Examples of these tanks are:

  • Weir Tanks (closed loop systems): are usually built with up to two interior walls and 13 ‘flip up’ lids, these tanks are designed to gather solids as fluids flow through them.
  • Flowback Tanks (gas busters): many different flowback designs are available. These tanks are designed to handle higher fluid speeds from frac jobs and hazardous gases from the fluids as they flow from the well bore. At the same time flowback tanks are also designed to vent sand.
  • Double Wall Tanks: Is a tank built within another tank. Pinnacle double wall tanks are best used in environmentally sensitive areas as a wholesome alternative to open or lined mud or waste-water pits.