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Fluid containment

The use of Pinnacle tanks to contain fluid is one of the fastest growing needs for companies operating in sensitive environmental areas. Even in non-sensitive areas fluid containment and processing is becoming the norm.

Environmental Applications

  • Bilge storage
  • Storm drain water separation Transformer (electrical) oil storage
  • Landfill runoff (leachate) filtering and storage
  • Fuel storage (self contained double wall)
  • Ethylene glycol (deicing agent) recovery and storage
  • Liquid fertilizer storage
  • Rain water capture / storage
  • Construction water storage; runoff filtering and storage
  • Slurry containment, storage and processing
  • Firefighting water storage
  • Fugitive dust control (e.g. controlling dust in restricted areas)

Pinnacle equipment used in environmental applications includes:

  • 130 / 140 / 150 / 180 BBL vacuum trailers
  • 410 BBL Double Wall tanks
  • 500 or 510 BBL Flat Top, Side Step or Single Step tanks