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Storage tanks for rock, gravel and other solids

Of their variety of uses, some of them include storage of chemicals, portable water, and motor fuels needed in these projects. Pinnace West utilizes a smooth and double wall design that meets the environmental standards required for these jobs. Some applicable applications are listed below:


  • Landfill runoff filtering and storage
  • Potable water storage
  • Fuel Storage (provided in a single or double wall design)
  • Rain / storm water capture / storage
  • Slurry containment, storage and processing
  • Separation of solids through shaker screens or weir walls

Pinnacle equipment used in construction and mining applications:


  • 410 BBL Double Wall tanks
  • 500 or 510 BBL Flat Top, Single Step or Side Step tanks
  • With weir walls, a variety of level indicators, moisture detection, and wireless telemetry